CS6320:  SW Engineering of Web Based Systems



Google App Engine

Google Compute Engine

Amazon Web Services

Java SE API Index (6)

Java EE API Index (6)

local EE API (6)


Servlet Tutorial

JSP Tutorial (or search java.sun.com)

Cloudera: Cloud and Hadoop --free interactive system

(Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop (CDH) – Fully configured QuickStart VM)

Ruby on Rails

Interactive Ruby

Ruby on Rails OR Download Ruby

Zombie class on Rails

API: api.rubyonrails.org

PHP and Oracle - w/ pooling

PHP tutorials

PHP frameworks

  • Codeignitor.com : (focused on web programming)
  • Yii (focused on web programming)
  • Drupal (focused on content management system for web)
  • Joomla (focused on content management system for web)
Python and Web Programming

JavaScript Reference

(or go to www.netscape.com and search for current JavaScript Reference)

JavaScript Guide

(or go to www.netscape.com and search for current JavaScript Guide)


Ajax site


Social Networking:

Blogs/Sites to Folow:


XML intro


SW Engineering- Patterns in Web Programming

Commercial Tools


Various IDEs:




OpenSource Alternatives to Dreamweaver


Note: much of our work we will be using Eclipse as it has some special packages we may utilize. See SW install tips



Other Courses

iPhone / iPad

Google Maps App Engine



Google Gadget

OpenSocial tags and templates

Social Network Applications

Development & Hosting (cloud/clusters,etc)



  • Others: What is popular and current changes a lot and large companies offer some services. Watch trends. TechCrunch, Meetups,etc.

Web Conferencing (with instructor or other students)

  • Use dimdim.com system (requires account setup and some software download)


Student Suggestions / Used:

Various items of interest


1) the semantic web, the asynchronous web, programming for web services, and web application frameworks.

2) stanford undergrad web app class has rails lectures http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs142/cgi-bin/lectures.php


3) interesting writing assignment http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs142/cgi-bin/writingAssignment.php

4) web coding undergrad class for non-profit development http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs90si/


5) some server size javascript inside stanford javascript class http://callbackjs.me/#schedule

6) USF grad class on web http://cs680.cs.usfca.edu/

7) WebGL (browser supported HW accelerated 3D graphics) and IndexedDB (database without continuous connection, supported by browser like Chrome)


7) University of Washington --some lectures on search engine algorithms http://courses.cs.washington.edu/courses/cse454/05sp/slides.html


8) Mobile and Cloud Computing clas??? http://cis-linux1.temple.edu/~cctan/teaching/Fall_2012/class.html


9) On cloud computing course at cs.iit.edu

  • the wide-spread adoption of Services Computing and Web 2.0 applications. 
  • Our discussions will often be grounded in the context of deployed Cloud Computing systems, such as Amazon EC2 and S3, Microsoft Azure, Google AppEngine, Eucalyptus, Nimbus, OpenStack, Google's MapReduce, Yahoo’s Hadoop, Microsoft’s Dryad, Sphere/Sector, and many other systems


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