All the 3D-images on this site are courtesy of
Heidrun Kirchwebger

I only adjusted the size of some pictures in order to see them better. I think they look better in a frame.

To create your own 3D-images, get and xeye172d.arj via
rdsdraw.exe is a drawing program for DOS - PC's (freeware) and xeye.exe for Windows.
Once you created your images, save them in *.TGA format.

Click on any name to see its picture. To see the next one, just click on the picture. You may come back to this page by the exit door.

beethoven.gif (286 kB) dog.gif (372 kB) earth.gif (29 kB) eggbox.gif (144 kB)
face.gif (43 kB) hideimage.gif (120 kB) map.gif (73 kB) planet.gif (164 kB)
rgrds.gif (33 kB) temple.gif (104 kB) tricer.gif (244 kB) tunnel.gif (58 kB)