Welcome to the Art Galaxy

Don't miss Edward Hopper's town in the Bella Gallery. In the crazy universe of Pazzo,
ask Bosch to show you Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.
Once you are in Miceland, first look for aliens when you reach Bryce Canyon; then go to the movie theater and get your free ticket; you may watch seven free shows ranging from funny and sad to satirical and scary.
Clicktown is where people addicted to clicking should go. They can get high and low as much as they want to, but you know they will end up in the House of Doom.

The House of Illusions was constructed in five different times and in duplicate. Those times where everybody could see art in 3D either in red and blue or in cross-view. If you are not satisfied with my other galleries and your eyes need excitement then go to the first moon on your left. Please excuse my French.

Down Under is not intended for faint-hearted cyberians who can't relax
and don't want to discover art related to down under or up there.
I promise they'll visit this place on the night of October thirty first.

If you build it they will come

Masters are working on the Cyberspace
Addio is for Classical Art lovers
Most Impressionists consider Amore their only home
Tesoro invites other Impressionists to exhibit their works
Modern Art is all over Bella

 Ride the bike to enter the Garden of Eden and listen to the story of a little boy who played the second violin or the lover who never heard the name of his immortal beloved.

Where in Heaven is Antonio?
Who is the greatest thief?
When do you stop writing?
Could he be vegetarian but mean?

A few steps and you may ride the Red Zebu

The Old Car may take you Down Under
Alora!       Peace only comes
when mind frees itself from
the confinement of skull

All Aboard
You are Doomed
Life is Peaceful
Artists are Sometimes
You Took the Wrong Bus
In a Busy Place
Just Crazy

There are Two Moons in a Blue Moon



in the




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