If that Bold One of Shiraz gain our heart,
For his dark mole, I will give both worlds, Samarkand and Bukhara.
Saki! give the wine of divine love remaining from religious men; for, in Paradise, thou shall not have
The bank of the water of the lover's weeping eye, nor the rose of the garden of the Lover's heart.
Alas! These saucy dainty lovely women sweet of work, the torment of the city,
Take patience from the heart even as the men of Turkistan take the tray of plunder.
The beauty of the Beloved God is no need of our imperfect love:
Of lustre, and color, and mole and tricked of eyebrow, what need hath the lovely face?
By reason of that beauty, daily increasing that Joseph had,
I knew that Love for Him would bring Zulaikha (the wife of Potiphar, see Genesis xxxix) forth from the screen of chastity.
The tale of minstrel and of wine of Love, little seek the mystery of time;
For this mystery, none solved by skill of thought and knowledge; and shall not solve.
O Soul! Hear the counsel of Murshid
For, dearer than the soul, hold happy youths the counsel of the wise old man.
O Murshid! thou spakest ill of me; and I am happy.
God Most High forgive thee thou spakest well: The bitter reply suiteth the rubby lip, sugar-eating.
Thou utteredest a ghazal; and threadestest pearls (of verse). Hafez! come and sweetly sing.
That, on thy verse, the sky may scatter in thanks the cluster of the Pleiades.