"Alá yá ayyuha's-Saki!" -- pass round and offer thou the bowl,
For love, which seemed at first so easy, has now brought trouble to my soul.
With yearning for the pod's aroma, which by the East that lock shall spread
From that crisp curl of musky odor, how plenteously our hearts have bled!
Stain with the tinge of wine, thy prayer-mat, it thus the aged Magian bid,
Shall my beloved one's house delight me, when issues ever and anon
From the relentless bell the mandate:"Tis time to bind thy litters on"?
The waves are wild, the whirlpool dreadful, the shadow of the night steals o'er,
How can my fate excite compassion in the light-burdened of the shore?
Each action of my froward spirit has won me an opprobrious name;
Can any one conceal the secret which the assembled crowds proclaim?
If Joj be thy desire, O Hafez,
From Him far distant never dwell.
"As soon as thou hast found thy Loved one,
Bid to the world as last farwell."