Lo! from thy love's enchanting bowers Rizvan's bright gardens fresher grow;
From the fierce heat thine absence kindles, Gehenna's flames intenser glow.
To thy tall from antd cheek resplendent, as to aplace of refuge, fleet
Heaven and the Tuba-tree, and find there---" Happiness and a fair retreat."
When nightly the celestial river glides through the garden of the skies,
As my own eye, it sees in slumber, nought but thy drunk narcissus eyes
Each section of the spring-tide's volume makes a fresh ctomment on thy name,
Each portal of the Empyrean murmurs the tile of thy fame
My heart has burned, but to ambition, the aim, still wished for, is denied:
These tears that tinged with blood are flowing, if I could reach it, would be dried.
What ample power thy salt-rights give thee (which both thy mouth and lips can claim),
Over a breast by sorrow wounded, and a heart burnt within its flame!
Oh! I think not that the amourous only are drunk with rapture at thy sway:
Hast thou not heard of zealots, also, as reckless and as wrecked as they?
By the lips' reign I hold it proven that the bright ruby's sheen is won
By the resplendent light flat flashes out of a world-illuming sun.
Fling back thy veil! how long, oh tell me! shall drapery thy beauty pale?
This drapery, noprofit bringing, can only for thy shame avail.