My heart desires the face so fair Of Farrukh;
It is perturbed as is the hair Of Farrukh.
No creature but that lock, that Hindu swart,
Enjoyment from the cheek has sought Of Farrukk.
A Blackamour by Fortune blest is he,
Placed at the side, and near the kneeOf Farrukk.
Shy as the aspen is the cypress seen,
Awed by the captivating mienOf Farrukk.
Saki bring syrtis-tinted wine to tell
Of those narcissi potent spell Of Farrukk.
Bent as the archer's tow in rattle is now,
From woes continuous as lie brow Of Farrukk.
E'en Tartar gales which musky odors whirl,
Faint at the amber--breathing curl Of Farrukk.
If leans the human heart to any place,
Mine has a yearning to the grace Of Farrukk.
That lofty soul Shall have my service true,
That serves, as Hafez,
The Hindu slave of Of Farrukk.