I swear-my master's soul bear witness, faith of old times, and promise leal!-
At early morning, my companion, is prayer for thy Unceasing weal.
My tears, a more overwhelming deluge than was the flood which Noah braved, Have washed not from my bosom's tablet the image which thy love has graved.
Come deal with me, and strike thy bargain: I have a broken heart to sell,
Which in its ailing state out-values a hundred thousand which are well.
Be lenient, if thou deem me drunken: on the primeval day divine
Love, who possessed my Sets as master, bent my whole nature unto wine.
Strive after truth that rot thy solace the Sun may in thy spirit rise:
For the false dawn of the earlier morning grows dark of face because it lies.
O heart, thy friend's exceeding bounty should free thee from unfounded dread;
This instant, as of love thou vauntest, be ready to devote thy head!
I gained from thee my frantic yearning or mountains and the barren plain,
Yet loath art thou yield to pity, and loosen at midheight my chain.
If the ant casts reproach on Asaf, with justice does her tongue upbraid,
For when his highness lost Jem's signet, no effort for the quest he made.
No constancy-yet grieve not, Hafez. Expect thou from the faithless fair;
What right have we to blame the garden, Because the plant has withered there?