When now the rose titoti the medow from Nothing into Being springs,
When at her feet the humble violet with her heat low in worship clings,
Take from thy morn-filled cup refreshment while tabors and the harp inspire,
Nor fail to kiss the chin of Saki while the flute warbles and the lyre.
Sit thou with winh harp, with charmer, until the rose's bloom be past;
For as the laws of life which passes, is the brief week that she shall last,
The face of earth, from herbal mansion, is lustrous as the sky; and shines
With asterisms of happy promise, with stars that are propitious signs.
In gardens let Zoroaster's worship again with all its rites revive,
While now within the tulip's blossoms the fires of Nimrod are alive
Drink wine, presented by some beauty of Christ-like breath, of cheek hair-hued;
And banish from thy mind traditions to Ad relating, and Thamud.
Earth rivals the Immortal Garden during the rose and lily's reign;
But what avails when the immortal is sought for on this earth in vain?
When riding on the windy courser, as Solomon, the rose is found,
And when the Bird, at hour of morning, makes David's melodies resound,
Ask thou, in Solomon's dominion, a goblet to the brim renewed;
Pledge the Vizir, the cycle's Asaf, the column of the Faith, Mahmud.
O Hafez, while his days continue, let joy eternal be thine aim;
And may the shadow of his kindness eternally abide the same!
Bring wine; fo Hafez, if in trouble,
Will ceaselessly the help implore
Of him who bounty shall aid ever,
As it have aid vouchsafed before.