Who is not fallen into that doubled tress? -- is none;
In whose path s it, that a snare of calamity? -- is none?
Perchance, thy face is the mirror of divine light:
O God! Iswear that thus it is; and, in this, dissimulation and hypocrisy -- is none.
The Zahid giveth me repentance of thy face. O Excellent face!
His, any shame of God; and shame of thy face -- is nine.
O candle of the morning! weep at the state of mine and of thine:
For this hidden burning, thine is none; and mine -- is none.
Witness is God: and God as witness is sufficient:
For less than the shedding of blood of martyrs, this bloody weeping, is none.
The narcissus seeketh the way of thy eye, O excellent eye!
To the wretched (narcissus), news of its mystery; and, in its eye, light -- is none.
For God's sake, adorn not thy tress; for ours,
Is no night when, with the morning wind, many a conflict -- is none.
Last night, He went; and I said: -- "O idol! fulfil Thy Covenant:"
He said: --"O Khajeh! thou art in error: fidelity in this covenant -- is none.
Since from the corner-sitters Thy eye ravished my heart:
To be in thy train, a sin on our part -- is none.
O candle, heart-kindling! come back; for without Thy face,
At the banquet of companions, the effect of light and of purity -- is none.
If the Old of the magian become my Murshid, what difference?
There is no head, in which a mystery of God -- is none.
Against the sun resplendent, to speak saying: "I am the fountain of light."
Worthy even of an obscure star (in Ursa Major), the great ones know -- is none.
The consoling of travellers is the cause of excellent mention;
O soul! in your city, this rule -- is none.
If he suffer not the arrow of reproach, what doeth the lover?
With any warrior, the shield against the arrow of destiny -- is none.
In the cloister of the Zahid; and in the chamber of the Sufi
Save the corner of Thy eye-brow, the arch of prayer -- is none.
O thou that hast lowered Thy claw for the blood of Hafez heart
Perchance, thought the plunder of the Kuran of God that is in Hafez's is none.