"Alá yá ayyuha's-Saki!" -- pass round and offer thou the bowl,
For love, which seemed at first so easy, has now brought trouble to my soul.
Hakim Omar

House of Persia

Khajeh Hafez


And when Thyself with shining Foot shall pass
Among the guests Star-scatter'd on the Grass
And in Thy joyous Erand reach the Spot
Where I made one-turn down and empty Glass!

Chers amis, convenez d'un rendez-vous, exprès.
Une fois réunis, tâchez d'être bien gais,
Et lorsque l'échanson remplira votre coupe,
Buvez en souvenir du pauvre que j'étais!


Ha       kimO m ar K h ay yamKha jehHaf ez S hir a  z i

Poems and Miniatures

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Omar Kayyam Iran Hafez Shirazi