Monet's Gardens

In 1890 Claude Monet retired to his garden in Giverny, having finally won the acclaim of the Paris art world. Here he began his masterly series paintings of his garden.
The success of his garden paintings is due not only to his ability to transfer what he saw before him onto canvas, but also to his careful planning and arrangement of nature to provide subject matter. Monet planted flowers whose colours harmonized in accordance with the arrangement of his palette.
By clicking on the above painting by Auguste Renoir showing Monet painting in his garden, you will get into a heavenly garden of colors and harmony; no text, no size, no location, just pure pleasure. Please be patient, you will be rewarded.

Chrysanthemums; 1897
Kunstmuseum, Basel
The Parc Monceau, Paris; 1876
The metropolitan Museum of Art
Waterlilies; 1905
Museum of Fine Art, Boston
The Flowering Arches; 1913
Phoenix Art Museum
The Roses; 1915-1922
Musée Mormattan, Paris
The Artist's Garden; 1900
Musée d'Orsay, Paris
The Garden; 1902
Osterreichische Galerie, Vienna.
Peonies; 1910
Galerie Beyeler, Basel
Waterlily Pond; 1899
National Gallery, London
The Artist's Garden at Giverny; 1900
Yale University Art Gallery
Under The Lilacs; 1873
Pushkin Museum, Moscow
In the Garden; 1894
Buhrle Collection, Zurich

Nymphéas; 1908