Jean-Baptiste Armand Guillaumin (1841 - 1827)

rench landscape painter and engraver who was a member of the Impressionist group. Guillaumin exhibited at the Salon des Refusés and at most of the Impressionist exhibitions. Degas and Monet were not particularly impressed by his works, which were marked by a passion for colour that, towards the end of his life, brought him close to the Fauves. His prospects improved when he was taken up by the dealer Auguste Portier, who had commenced his career with Durand-Ruel, and he was assured of financial stability when he won a large prize in the Loterie Nationale in 1891.
He became friendly with van Gogh, with whose work his own has certain affinities, and in 1904 he spent some time in Holland. The vigour of his brushwork, and the obvious lyrical zest that informs his landscapes bring him close to van Gogh, and clearly influenced the young Matisse.

The Bridge of Louis Philippe

The Seine at Paris