Vincent van Gogh

"I think that the picture of the peasants eating potatoes that I painted in Nuenen is the best of all my work." Writing to his siter two years later from Paris, van Gogh still considered The Potato Eaters his most successful paintings.
Van Gogh did countless studies for The Potato Eaters. The studies included heads, interiors, compositional sketches, and details of hands or the coffee pot. And when he was finally done with his monumental work, van Gogh signed it: "Vincent." If he was ever to make a career as an artist it would be as the painter of that picture alone.

Carpenter's Workshop,
Seen from the Artist's Studio

Weaver Near an Open Widnow

Self-Portrait with
Dark Felt Hat

Farmers Planting Potatoes

The Potato Eaters

Three Pairs of Shoes

Torn-up Street with Diggers

Auction of Crosses Near the Old Tower




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