Vincent van Gogh

. . . As far as I know there isn't a single academy where one learns to draw and paint a digger, a sower, a woman putting the kettle over the fire or a seamstress. But in every city of some importance there is an academy with a choice of models for historical, Arabic, Louis XV, in short, all really nonexistent figures.
. . . I ask you, do you know a single digger, a single sower in the old Dutch school??? Did they ever try to paint a "labourer?" Did Velasquez try it in his water carrier or types from the people? No.
The figures in the pictures of the old masters do not work. I am drudging just now on the figure of a woman whom I saw digging for carrots in the snow last winter.

The Trinquetaille Bridge

The Courtyard of the
Hospital at Arles


Cottage with Decrepit Barn
and Stooping Woman

Quary, the Mills

Ward in the
Hospital in Arles

Lane at the Jardin
du Luxembourg