Vincent van Gogh

On 29 June 1888, after lengty efforts at persuasion, he was delighted to hear that Gauguin was prepared to share the Yellow House with him. Gauguin's arrival was delayed until 23 October.
Gauguin stayed at the Yellow House for two whole months and until December the relationship of the painters seemed amicable enough. However, heated arguments began to take place and on 14 December Gauguin wrote to Vincent's brother Theo that he would have to return to Paris because of "temperamental incompatibility with Vincent." He withdrew the threat four days later, dissmissing the episode as a "bad dream," but there were soon more violent arguments. Finally, according to Gauguin, Vincent approached him with an open razor in his hand but was repelled by a steady stare. That evening, after Gauguin had retreated to a hotel, Vincent cut off the lower part of his left ear with the same razor and delivered it at 11:30 pm to a prostitute named Rachel in a nearby brothel with the words, "Keep this object carefully." He then went home to bed.

On February 1890, Theo informs him that Anne Boch, sister of Eugène Boch, has bought The Red Vineyard in Brussels, for 400 Francs. This is probably the only painting Vincent ever sold.

Vincent's House in Arles,
The Yellow House

Vincent's Bedroom in Arles

The Night Café in Arles

The Café Terrace
on the Place du Forum,
Arles at Night

The Red Vineyard

Harvest at La Crau, with
Montmajour in the

Starry Night

Tarascon Diligence

Fritillaries in a
Copper Vase




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