Names of Large Numbers

Naming for 10**k:

k     American      European    SI--Prefix

-24                                Yocto
-21                                Zepto
-18   QUINTILLIONTH                Atto
-15   QUADRILLIONTH                Femto
-12   TRILLIONTH                   Pico
-9    BILLIONTH                    Nano
-6    MILLIONTH                    Micro
-3    THOUSANDTH                   Milli
-2    HUNDREDTH                    Centi
-1    TENTH                        Deci
1     TEN                          Deca
2     HUNDRED                      Hecto
3     THOUSAND                     Kilo
4                                  Myria (?)
6     Million       Million        Mega
9     Billion       Milliard       Giga   In italy (Thousand Milliards)
12    Trillion      Billion        Tera
15    Quadrillion   Billiard       Peta 
18    Quintillion   Trillion       Exa
21    Sextillion    Trilliard      Zetta
24    Septillion    Quadrillion    Yotta
27    Octillion     Quadrilliard
30    Nonillion     Quintillion
33    Decillion     Quintilliard
36    UNDECILLION                  Sextillion
39    DUODECILLION                 Sextilliard
42    tredecillion                 Septillion
45     quattuordecillion           Septilliard
48   quindecillion                 Octillion
51   sexdecillion                  Octilliard
54   septendecillion               Nonillion
57   octodecillion                 Nonilliard
60   novemdecillion                Decillion
63  VIGINTILLION                   Decilliard

6*n   (2n-1)-illion n-illion
6*n+3 (2n)-illion   n-illiard

100   Googol        Googol
600                 CENTILLION

10^100 Googolplex   Googolplex

The American system is used in:

The European system is used in:
      the Netherlands,
      Italy (see exception)
      Scandinavia (Hugo van der Sanden):
  To the best of my knowledge, the House of Commons decided to adopt the
  US definition of billion quite a while ago - around 1970? - since which
  it has been official government policy. (Dik T. Winter):
  The interesting thing about all this is that originally the French used
  billion to indicate 10^9, while much of the remainder of Europe used
  billion to indicate 10^12.  I think the Americans have their usage from
  the French.  And the French switched to common European usage in 1948. (Gonzalo Diethelm):
  Other countries (such as Chile, my own, and I think
  most of Latin America) use billion to mean 10^12, trillion to mean
  10^18, etc. What is the usage distribution over the world population,

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