Salon des Refusés

Maison des Impressions Perdues

Presented at the Impressionist Exhibitions 1874 - 1886

Les dèclassès, 1881 (73 k)
Interieur de café (57 k)
Les Prèsents Chinois (107  k)
Paysages, à Saint Siméons (95  k)
Bords de la Seine (93 k)

Quai de la Rapée (108 k)
Le marché de la place de l'Hôtel de Ville, 
à Pontoise (186 k)

La place d'Anvers  (89 k)
Sur la terrasse à Sèvres (La terrasse de la villa Brancas), (103 k)
Melun  (74 k)

It takes a lifetime to become a success and a few words to change into a loser

They were independents, Impressionists, Intransigents, phalangists, radicals, lunatics, and maniacs.
Pregnant women risk miscarriage at the sight of these paintings.
She loses herself in mist. How insipid!
If their works were sent to the official Salon, they would blend in very easily with the respectable mediocrity that constitutes the majority.
I return to my subject, and, with the reader's consent, I will then classify the exhibitors of the Boulevard des Capucines in two categories: the insane and the rational. By his drawing he belongs to my second category; by his painting, he belongs to the first.
This artist treats Paris as if it were Venice. His quays and his Seine river banks make one thing of the Grand Canal seen by an over excited colorist. He accumulates little spots of green, blue, pink, orange, lilac, violet, red, yellow.... But these spots come together to confuse and erase everything.
The Place Pigalle and the Bords de la Seine are the work of an artist who is still inexperienced.
He is not just anyone, far from it.... There are, however, many weaknesses and mistakes among the numerous works he is showing.
He is a caricaturist. He models himself on Daumier, but he has such a long way to go before he approaches this master.
He is sometimes a little out of his element among the Impressionists. Among the canvases he is showing, we took note of a pretty Marché à Pontoise.
He has some feeling and a rather rich technique and soon will be sorry he strayed into the Impressionist crossroads.
He paints brilliant and amusing watercolors.
They come near being worthy of nothing but praise.

Could you name the painters who presented these paintings at the Impressionist Exhibitions?

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Nadar's studio, 35 boulevard des Capucines
Site of the First Impressionist Exhibition

Source: The New Paintings, Impressionism  1874-1886
             The Fine Arts Museum of San Fransisco, 1986