An engine breakdown over Plumersville.


Gilley was my mothers mother, Hilda Ward Gilley. Her ancestor and my Great, great great grandfather was, old John Gilley, B. 1690 in Ireland, near Cork. He came to the USA in 1755. He lived to be 124 or 126 years old. At age 70+ he went to work at Augusta's Fort Western, to prove he could do the work he carried a barrel of bread on his shoulder up the river bank to the fort. He did not wed till he was 76 and proceeded to have 8 children. His hair turned black again when he was 100, he had all his teeth when he died. A quote from people who knew him at the time "......(he) was smart as a trap and could jump like a fox". He was never sick and labored till his death in 1813. After his autopsy, parts of his innards were put into formaldehyde and sent off to Harvard medical school. For all we know he may be there yet. Do they throw that stuff out?????


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