Ancient folk saying: "You can catch fame, but you can't hold it long." Ask Paul Plumer. He knows, and he'll go on knowing to the end of his days and beyond...

This site is about Paul Plumer, known as p2p or psp or just p2; his age is not important, he has the capability of drawing, painting and sculpting. A competent draftsman and illustrator proficient in; pen and ink, tempera, water color, oil paint and most all dry mediums. A man protected by an unusual talent, his illustrations have appeared in Time, Life, and many other magazines and daily newspapers. He is perhaps a giant T-Rex with a T-square and a brush. He is the kind of a guy that could be satisfied with a summer afternoon or an ice truck being parked next to his house. A man who started doing drawings and painting signs when he was 14, he never could spell so he had to quit sign work. Now, he only writes the word ICE on trucks.

Mr. Plumer wants nothing but vision. A vision that is just a part of a smashed landscape, just a piece of the rubble, just a fragment of his dreams and imaginations.

In a desperate search for something that is only known to him and his creator, Mr. Paul Plumer in just a moment will find his way into the darkest corner of the . . .

Ptwo Zone  

Maybe it's wishful thinking nestled in a hidden part of a man's mind, or maybe it's the last stop in the vast design of things, for a man like Mr. Paul Plumer, whose mind rides on a microscopic piece of sand that floats through space and time.

It is not important why Mr. Plumer climbed on a world that went by too fast, or why, his fear of recurring engine breakdown made him carry a spatula whenever he flew from point A to point B. Whatever it is, his vision comes with sunlight and serenity, and is a part of the unparalleled and parallel Ptwo Zone.

There is a Peruvian saying " each man there is reserved a work which he alone can do."

To get to the Ptwo Zone go to 16 Warren Street, Hallowell, Maine 04347.
Before getting there, you must call (207) 622-1812.

Note. The Ptwo Zone is not a trademark but a similar zone called the Twilight Zone is a trademark of the Universal studio.