The view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis still connected to Russia's Mir Space Station was photographed by the Mir-19 crew on July 4, 1995. Cosmonauts Anatoliy Y. Solovyev and Nikolai M. Budarin, Mir-19 commander and flight engineer, respectively, temporarily unparked the Soyuz spacecraft from the cluster of Mir elements to perform a brief fly-around. They took pictures while the NASA STS-71 crew, with Mir-18's three crewmembers aboard, undocked Atlantis for the completion of this leg of the joint activities. Solovyev and Budarin had been taxied to Mir by the STS-74 ascent trip of Atlantis.


Cargo Bay

In this image, a space-suited astronaut prepares a satellite for its release from the Shuttle's cargo bay. The bay, 18.3 m long and 4.6 m wide (60 ft by 15 ft), has payload attachment points along its full length, and is adaptable enough to accommodate as many as five unmanned spacecraft of various sizes and shapes in one mission. The cargo bay is equipped also with a 15 m (50 ft) robot arm for lifting and releasing, or grasping and retrieving satellites in space.