Artist's concept of the Apollo-Soyuz docking in earth's orbit


An artist's concept illustrating a cutaway view of the docked Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft in Earth orbit. This scene depicts the moment the two international crews meet in space for the first time. Two of the three American crewmen are in the Docking Module. The two Soviet crewmen are in the Soyuz spacecraft's Orbital Module. The two crew commanders are shaking hands through the hatchway. The third American crewman is in the Apollo Command Module. During the joint U.S.-USSR Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission, which is scheduled for July 1975, the American and Soviet crews will visit one another's spacecraft while the Soyuz and Apollo are docked for a maximum period of two days. The artwork is by Davis Meltzer (06/01/75).

An interior view of the descent vehicle of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft mock-up, looking through the open hatchway from outside. The main instrument panel and most of the other controls and displays are out of view to the right. The commander's couch is on the left side of the spacecraft and the crew engineer's couch is on the right. This training facility is located at the Cosmonaut Training Center (Star City) near Moscow. This picture was made from a frame of 35mm motion picture film entitled "Checkout of the Compatibility of Equipment in the Soyuz Spacecraft Mock-up."