KPFA Folio KPFA FM94, Listener-Sponsored Pacifica Radio. Program Guide for KPFA & KFCF. October 1983. New Music Month copyright 4646w

NEW MUSIC in the Bay Area By Charles Amirkhanian

During KPFA's first decade on the air (the 1950's), the lively post-World War II avantgarde music scene here centered around an organization known as the Composers' Forum. With the burning issue of the day being the tug of war between the Stravinskyans (represented figuratively by Darius Milhaud, teaching at Mills College) and the Schoenbergians (Roger Sessions at U.C. Berkeley), the Forum provided a meeting ground for younger composers to hash out their theories and premiere their latest works. Indeed, several composers including Leon Kirchner, Jerome Rosen, Leland Smith and Laurence Clarke, studied with both Milhaud and Sessions.

This month, during the San Francisco Symphony's salute to Roger Sessions, KPFA joins the Old First Church in San Francisco in remembering the days of the Composers' Forum. Some of the composers active in the early days of the Forum were Andrew Imbrie, Roger Nixon, William Denny, Charles Cushing, Jonathon Elkus, Earl Kim, Leonard Rosenman, William O. Smith and the aforementioned Kirchner, Rosen and Smith.

Performers included the California and Griller String Quartets, soprano Dorothy Renzi, pianists Bernhard Abramowitsch and Nathan Schwartz, violinist Nathan Rubin, baritone Edgar Jones, cellist Bonnie Hampton, organist Lawrence Moe, and founder-organizer Lawrence Moe, and founder-organizer Jane Hohfeld Galante.

All of these musicians appeared regularly on KPFA, which served as a home base for publicity and for presentations of successful works from past concerts. The Forum kept alive the decades-long tradition of experimental music, launched in the Bay Area in 1912 by Henry Cowell (born in Menlo Park in 1897), John Cage, Lou Harrison, William Russell, and others who were active in concerts of the New Music Society through the thirties.

Listen to KPFA on Friday October 21st from 9:00 until 11:15am as I talk with former members of the Forum and play recordings of Forum performances from the Fantasy Records series issued 25 years ago. Concerts of Composers' Forum music can be heard at Old First Church on Wednesday, October 19th (Aurora Quartet) and Sunday, October 23rd (Da Vinci Quartet), re-introducing highlights of the series by composers Kim, Kirchner, Rosenman and Smith. On October 16th, an all-Sessions concert will be performed as well.

New Music Season Kicks Off

October and November are major months for new music, as the season resumes in full swing. Due to space limitations, here is a basic list of some of our major series in the Bay Area:

Jean-Louis LeRoux's San Francisco Contemporary Music Players open their season at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on October 3rd and continue throughout the year on Monday evenings once a month. Former KPFA Music Director Robert Erickson's music and that of Toru Takemitsu will highlight the first program. For an attractive wall-sized poster listing all events, phone (415)751-5300 and give your mailing address.

The Kronos Quartet opened their season at the Museum Green Room on September 16th with music by Cuban composer Carlos Farinas, Steve Reich, and the first of six Bartok Quartets to be heard during their six concerts (ending in March). On October 21st at 8:00 pm, they have scheduled the following: Ravel Quartet in F, Britten Quartet No. 3, Bartok Quartet No. 5 and "Cuaderno" by Bernard Rands. On November 18th, it's Schoenberg Quartet No. 3, Bartok Quartet No. 4, Aulis Salinen's "Quiet Songs," and Terry Riley's "Songs from the Old Country."

The Exploratorium's "Speaking of Music" series of special demonstration-concerts resumes in October and continues through May. The series is held in the new McBean Theatre, built within the massive interior of the Exploratorium Building at the Palace of Fine Arts.

On October 17th (Monday, 8:00 pm) pianist Robert Black from New York will analyze and play Roger Sessions' "Second Piano Concerto" and "Five Pieces for Piano." Other dates definitely scheduled at this writing:

Saturday, October 22; the Concord String Quartet premieres and discusses Robert Hall Lewis: "Third String Quartet" as well as portions of the Brahms "Quartet in A", relevant to the Lewis work.

Thursday, October 27: Classical guitarist Eliot Fisk on transcriptions, including guitar realizations of music by Pagannini (!);

Thursday, November 10; Dutch composer-conductor-pianist-musicologist Reinbert de Leeuw demonstrates his method of playing the early piano music of Erik Satie;

Friday November 25; Composer John Cage (at Davies Symphony Hall, in conjunction with the SF Symphony);

Thursday, December 1: Chicago composer Shulamit Ran, introducing her recent music:

December 16; composer Elliot Carter demonstrates his technique of metric modulation, assisted by SF Symphony tympanist Barry Jekowsky.

Tickets are available in advance (563-4545, ask for a Speaking of Music brochure to be mailed , or at the door. All events begin at 8:00 pm, except the Cage reading which starts at 7:30 at Davies Symphony Hall. Robin Kirk, who has produced this series for the past seven years, moves this month to New York City, where she will become Assistant Director of the American Music Center, the official U.S. information center on contemporary composers. I'll be the new programmer of 'Speaking of Music' and have been asked by the Exploratorium staff to act as host and moderator for this year's programs.

Please show your faces there once in a while and help me question the musicians. In keeping with the Exploratorium theme of "demonstrating" ideas and principles, the series encourages those attending to pose questions (from the naive to the arcane) in the search for better understanding.

A new series, co-directed by composers Ben Azarm and Mark Trayle will premiere October 14 at Squid's/Ink, next door to the popular Squid's Restaurant at Leavenworth near Market. It is called "Axiom 'Axiom" and will run on Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 pm (most nights) with the following schedule:

October 14: Maggi Payne, Tim Perkis; October 15: Barbara Golden, Jay Cloidt; October 21: K. Atchley, Mary Oliver, Jean Moncrieff; October 22: Chris Brown, John Bischoff; November 4: Paul DeMarinis, Brian Reinbolt; November 5: William Winant, Nick Bertoni; November 11: Michael Sumner, Charles Amirkhanian; November 12: David Rosenboom, Sam Ashley, Laetitia de Compiegne.

Concerts on November 4th and 12th begin at 11:00 to accommodate those wishing also to attend:

New and Unusual Music, sponsored by the San Francisco Symphony (Edo de Waart, Music Director and Conductor). Directed once again by the indefatigable John Adams, the season promises to be the most ambitious in its brilliant four-year history. Adams himself heard his own "Shaker Loops" (new expanded orchestral version) played by the SFS last month and his "Harmonium" will be performed on the concerts of January 4th, 6th, 7th, 1984, in preparation for a forthcoming ECM recording.

New and Unusual, heard for the past three years over KPFA, expands this year in a big way, with two concerts at Davies Symphony Hall--the remainder at the familiar Japan Center Theatre. Here is the schedule:

November 4: Robert Ashley's multi-media opera "Atalanta" in its West Coast premiere at the Japan Center Theatre;

November 12: The Schoenberg Ensemble from The Hague in works by Schoenberg, Webern, Zemlinsky, Debussy and Busoni, conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw;

November 19: Keith Jarrett, piano soloist (first half) in his own improvised music, plus Jarrett with SFS members in Stravinsky's "Concerto for Piano and Winds" and Louis Andriessen's "De Staat" (heard on the KPFA Morning Concert last month)--at Davies Symphony Hall;

November 25: All John Cage evening, beginning with Cage reading his recent writings (7:30 pm), plus orchestral performances of Eight Quartets, Muoyce, and Concert for Piano and Orchestra (Joseph Kubera, piano) at Davies Symphony Hall;

and finally December 17: An all Elliott Carter evening supervised by the composer, with the "Double Concerto for Harpsichord and Piano with Two Chamber Orchestras;" "Songs for Soprano and Piano,""Eight Pieces for Tympani", and "A Mirror on Which to Swell," at the Japan Center Theatre.

All events start at 8:30 pm with the exception of November 25th. For ticket information and reservations, call the SF Symphony Box Office at 864-6000.

This year's New and Unusual Music concerts will be recorded and produced for broadcast by KPFA and distributed nationally and internationally by Chicago station WFMT in cooperation with The European Broadcast Union.

In the East Bay, it was painfully apparent at the press conference for Oakland Symphony incoming conductor Richard Buckley that he has no acquaintance with any truly modernist tendencies in 20th century music.

Once again, it will be Kent Nagano's Berkeley Symphony which will be relied on to keep abreast of current developments, although the ensemble's opening concert is historical in nature: the Alban Berg Violin Concerto (David Abel, soloist), the Bach-Webern Ricercare from "A Musical Offering" and Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 5 (October 12th, Wednesday, 8:00 pm, at the First Congregational Church in Berkeley).

Future Berkeley Symphony programs feature plenty of excitement. On Wednesday, January 11th, composer Wendy Carlos ("Switched-On Bach", "A Clockwork Orange", "TRON") produces her first acoustic instrumental piece in years, and it is going to be a zinger. The work is being composed specifically for Nagano, the Kronos String Quartet and orchestra. Also on the program will be "Moment Vite" by Thea Musgrave, also for Kronos and orchestra, and the Sibelius Second Symphony.

Upcoming concerts feature works by Wayne Peterson, Dorrance Stalvey, Pierre Boulez, Douglas Johnson, Sasha Matson and Frank Zappa. Zappa's piece, "Mo'n Herb's Vacation," is slated for a fully-staged performance with the Oakland Ballet with orchestra on May 15th and 26th, 1984.

At Mills College, Pandit Pran Nath, master of the Kirana style of classical Indian singing, will make one of his increasingly rare appearances on Sunday evening October 30th.

For a full schedule of other concerts, dial 430-2191. Tentative guests include Anthony Davis, Roulette, Alvin Curran, the Repercussion Unit, Joan LaBarbara and others.

In San Francisco, 80 Langton Street, arguably the most exciting alternative arts space in the U.S., continues its performance art, poet-in-residence, and new music series. However, most of the music presentations will occur in January and thereafter. For information, write to 80 Langton Street, SF, CA 94103 and ask to be added to the mailing list (626-5416).

On October 15, KPFA takes you live by satellite to one of the major marathon (four hour) concerts on the massive 5th annual New Music America Festival, sponsored this year (each year in a different city) by the Washington Performing Arts Society and District Curators. Radio producer Steve Rathe will direct a crew consisting of Susan Stamberg (All Things Considered) and Alan Rich (formerly of KPFA and "New West" magazine, and presently music critic for "Newsweek") and a host of techies in bringing live action from the Pension Building in the Capitol and a host of musicians from rap D.J.s to LeRoy Jenkins to Diamanda Galas. More of the Festival will be aired in November during our forthcoming marathon. The October 15th concert starts at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, and thus we will carry it beginning at 5:00 pm on without interruption.

1983 Cabrillo Festival

In case you hadn't heard by now, everything clicked marvelously at the 1983 Cabrillo Music Festival and KPFA was there to preserve the event with unusually brilliant recordings by Production Director Jim Bennett and his hard-working cohorts.

Using our normal complement of microphones, augmented by two PZM's generously provided by Bill Shannon of Cal State Hayward, the depth and clarity of the usually superb Dolby stereo recordings this year matched the outstanding musical efforts of Dennis Russell Davies and the best Festival orchestra in memory. Next month, we'll have all the concerts, plus a provocative panel discussion with guest composer Hans Werne Henze and San Francisco Chronicle music critic Robert Commanday. See the November Folio for broadcast dates.

Charles Amirkhanian is KPFA Music Director.

Cover Photo: This season, composer Anthony Gnazzo of Oakland comes out of "retirement" with an exploratorium concert-demonstration and a major retrospective exhibit of his scores at Pro Arts Gallery. Photo by Gretchen Garlinghouse, copyright 1983.

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[selections from the Oct 1983 Folio related to new, contemporary, experimental music regardless of origin]

p. 1 Sunday, October 2nd 11:00 Music from the Hearts of Space. Inner and outer space music, tuned the particular vibrations of this evening, hosted by Anna & Timitheo. 2:00 am Over the Edge Joy Dog returns with live music after several months of strict discipline training. They now perform nine of their ten tricks on their hind legs. (Only rolling over remains from their old "all-four" days.) Bark, bite and gobble dry food till 7 with Joy Dog.

p.9 Monday, October 3rd 9:00 Morning Concert New Music FM Anthony Gnazzo: Star Spangled Banner. Daniel Lentz: Wolf is Dead. Paul Dresher: Dark Blue Circumstance. Sheila Davies/Henry Kaiser/Fred Frith: Static. Frank Zappa: Mo'n Herb's Vacation. Repeat Offenders: Somoza is Dead. Diamanda Galas: Solo Performance. Ingram Marshall: Fog Tropes. Kyle Gann: Baptism. Peter Gena: McKinley. Anthony Gnazzo: Ommagio ai Nuovi Fascisti Tonale (Homage to the New Tonal Fascists). Girls Looking for Husbands: Penis.

A rebroadcast from July 20th of Charles Amirkhanian's update on the West Coast new music scene, produced at KPFA in collaboration with the Exploratorium. The program anticipates the opening this week of the Fifth Annual New Music America Festival in Washington, D.C. (October 7-16). Today's special program is 2 1/2 hours long and will be introduced by Russ Jennings with an update on New Music America and recent new music news. The Morning Reading returns tomorrow. Technical production for New Music FM by Susan Stone.

Tuesday, October 4th. 12:00 Adventures in Stereo. An examination of modern music styles with Michael Fitzgibbon.

Thursday, October 6th. 9:00 Morning Concert: From the flood of records and tapes that people are constantly sending us, we present the following selections: William Albright: Shadows (1977). Michael Lorimer, solo guitar. (18 minutes). Roy Lisker: A selection of sound poetry: That Bad Bat; Montezuma Mazuma; Megatherium Chant; Lethal Evil Level. KPFA tape (18). Dru Falcon: Tableau Philosophiques No. 1 (1982) electronic tape piece (51 min). Your host is Russ Jennings. 12:00 midnight. Assassinatin' Rhythm. Ray Farrell plays medicinal, mechanical and monstrous modern music.

Friday, October 7th. 9:00 Morning Concert: The Music of Vincent Plush. This guest this morning is one of Australia's leading composers. He is now teaching in the U.S. and reporting on the American music scene for Australian radio. This morning's selections are: Bakery Hill Rising (1980)Alex Grieve, solo horn; David Stanhope, 8 tracks of taped horn. Stevie's Wonder Music (1979) Stephan Lloyd, solo flute (6 min). Moretown Bay (from 'Six Australian Folksongs') Lyndon Terracini, baritone, Seymour Group Ensemble, Vincent Plush, conductor (12 min). Facing the Danger, Flederman Ensemble (8). On Shooting Stars-Homage to Victor Jara (1981) Yale Contemporary Music Ensemble, Vincent Plush conducting (14 min). Host: Charles Amirkhanian. Produced by Russ Jennings. 4:30 Radio Hypnopaiedia. An experience of Bob Nelson..with Mobius Rex.

p. 9-13 Sunday, October 9th 11:00 Music from the Hearts of Space. Inner and outer space music tuned to this particular evening, with Anna & Timitheo. 2:00 am Over the Edge. Market analysis shows some of you who read these listings are missing the point by not listening to the program. That's not the idea. If you read the listing, you should listen to the show. Thank you.

Monday October 10th. 9:00 Morning Concert. The Thin Edge of the Wedge. A selection of unusual works, not yet widely available, by young electronic and avant-garde composers of the Bay Area, including new pieces by Richard Povall, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Andrew Newell, Phil Stone, and many others. With Jody Diamond and co-host Larry Polansky, composer from the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College.

9:00 pm. Minimal Music. Sound Process in Performance Art with Composer Bob Davis. Enter into the inner ear of composer, poet, and sound engineer Bob Davis for a look at how sound is written, recorded, processed and made magic for theatre and performance art. Davis' roles range from composer of Soon 3, the San Francisco-based visual theater group, to sound engineer for Laurie Anderson to poet in collaboration with G.P. Skratz. Davis has worked and studied with Robert Ashley, David Behrman, and Terry Riley. Tonight, he illustrates the sound process from concept to cue sheet in the Soon 3 works, Renaissance Radar, Voodoo Automatic and Red Rain. Hosted by Roxanne Merryfield.

Photo: A moment from "Voodoo Automatic," a visual theatre piece by Soon 3. Bob Davis, Soon 3's composer and sound engineer, illustrates the sound process from concept to cue sheet for 'Voodoo' and other Soon 3 works, on 'Minimal Music' Monday, October 10th at 9:00 pm.

12:00 Midnight Becomes Eclectic. Better than Meatloaf. Take equal portions of singer/songwriters Jill Kroesen (of "I'm Sorry I'm Such a Weenie" fame), Annette Peacock and composer/arranger Carla Bley, spice with Laurie Anderson and the Flying Lizards, and what do you get? Tune in and find out. Blender: Ingrid Hoermann and her GE 5-speed. We will be serious.

Tuesday, October 11. 12:00 No Other Radio. Hosted by John Gullak.

Thursday, October 13 9:00 Morning Concert. The Music of Guido Baggiani. This morning's guest is the co-director of Musica Verticale Ensemble, a new music group in Rome. Host Charles Amirkhanian interviews Baggiani and Robert Hughes of the Arch Ensemble of Berkeley. This interview took place this spring shortly after the Arch Ensemble played a piece of Baggiani's at the "Concert for Cal" honoring the late Calvin Simmons. We will hear: Metafora for 11 strings (1968) Collettico Antidogma. Luca Pfaff, con. (15:30) Double for double woodwind, quintet and two string basses (1977) Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra, Ernest Bour, con. (9:15)

12:00 Assassinatin' Rhythm. Ray Farrell plays aggressive new music.

Friday, October 14. 9:00 Morning Concert. The Music of Dennis Anderson. San Diego composer Dennis Anderson is not only a fine composer but a member of the improvisation group Readymade Ensemble. Today we feature Anderson's work and some of recordings of Readymade performances. A.M. Netatigve (1978) with Steve Galante. Electronics (10:30) Where Are The Gypsies Now? (1979) String Trio (9:00). Shadow Fantasy (1977) harp/percussion. In The Beginning We Were Only Stories (1979) solo percussion. Solstice I by Readymade Ensemble Solstice II by Readymade Ensemble. Hosted by Russ Jennings.

4:30 am. Radio Hypnopaedia. Hebephrenia with the Church of the SubGenius, hosted by Mobius Rex with Nankar Phelge & Gbofam & special guests (food monsters, babies, Popes, etc.).

Saturday, October 15. 5:00 New Music America '83. Live from Washington, D.C. From the National Building Museum (Pension Building) in Washington, D.C., a live broadcast of tonight's four hour special marathon concert from the 5th Annual New Music America Festival. Co-hosts Susan Stamberg (All Things Considered) and Alan Rich (KPFA Music Director from 1953-1960) provide the play-by-play. Some of the musicians scheduled for this event at press are Charles Amirkhanian/Carol Law, Diamanda Galas, Scott Johnson, Carl Stone, Jamaaladeen Tacuma (Philly bassist) and his gorup, Jamaal, and the "rap D.J.'s" Toxic and Rammelizee. Highlights from the previous week will include music by LeRoy Jenkins, John Adams and Philip Glass. Produced by Steve Rathe for WNYC in cooperation with KUSC. Further music from the Festival will appear early next month during our two-week marathon.

Sunday October 16th. 11:00 Music from the Hearts of Space. Inner and outer space music, tuned to this evening's vibrations with Anna & Timitheo.

2:00 am Over the Edge. The Star, earth's first colony, is edged over by a passing comet, causing a new orbital path around the sun. What effect will this have on you? None, unless you are time traveling here and will be returning to The Star. If so, be advised to set your clocks ahead by 117 hours when you arrive.

Monday, October 17th. 9:00 Morning Concert. The Music of Andre Fertier. On a recent visit to KPFA this young French composer/performer discussed the strong influence of jazz, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern musics that have come together in his distinctive style. Selections include: Morning Waves: performed by Clivage. (10:30). Mamma Swat: Clivage (11:50) Tabarkha: Clivage (5 min) Mixtus Orbis: Clivage (15:30) Love Spirate: Morange & Feriter (excerpts) : Le Voyage en Printemps: Ceremonia a) Appel b) Revelation: Ailleurs, Alice (16 min) Kassiopee: Clivage (3:36) Wegbeck: Clivage (8 min). Zoubeen: Clivage (3:08) Saranovona: Clivage (3:32) Hosted by Russ Jennings

9:00 Evening concert Laurie Spiegel: A Legend, A Myth and A Cosmos, composed and realized on the McLeyvier Music System. Paul Lansky: Folk Images. Computer processing of fiddle tunes. Ron Kuivila: In Appreciation. Ultra-sonic fields translate the movements of an oscillating fan and the flickering of a flame into audible sound. A highly edited recording of fireworks provides an environment for the flame and fan sounds. Jaron Lanier: Sounds Growing out of Faces. This computer blues was originally the soundtrack for a film about computer transformations about faces. Nicholas Collins: Is She/He Really Going Out With Him/Her/Them? Cheap electronic noise makers and cassette tapes are mixed together under the joint care of a performer and a computer.

In addition to the works listing above, Jaron Lanier, composer and computer game designer, will play his musical video game, Moondust, live in the KPFA studio as Leslie Roberts and Jaron present a morning of recent computer music with a heart. All of the pieces heard today are either private tapes or have not yet been released , except for the Collins work (Lovely Music VR 1701.

Tuesday, October 18th. 9:00 Morning Concert. Today we feature a selection of recent releases: John Williams: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1974076) Peskanov, violin, Slatkin, London Symphony Orchestra, *Varese 704,120932 minutes). Pierre Boulez: Rituel - In Memory of Bruno Maderna (1974) Boulez, BBC Orchestra, *CBS M 37850 (25 min) Florent Schmitt: String Trio, Op. 105 (1946), Roussel Trio, *Cybelia CY 702 (35 min) Henri Dutilleux: Metaboles (1964) Rostropovich, National Orchestra of France, *Erato STU 71516 (16 min) With your Tuesday host, Steve Wolf.

Thursday, October 20, 9:00 Morning Concert. Deliberate Music Erik Satie: Vexations for Piano. Reinbert de Leeuw, solist *Philips 410.431-1 927 min) Glenn Branca: Symphony No. 3 "Gloria" for electric guitars and drums - dedicated to Dane Rudhyar (excerpts, 1983) Branca ensemble live concert, BAM Jan. 16, 1983. Michael Snow: Left Right. Snow, piano and metronome. *Chatham Square 1009/1010 With Charles Amirkhanian, Reinbert de Leeuw, whose Satie LP's have won numerous prestigious awards in Europe, has just released another big hit there with his second recording of the interminable Vexations of Satie. The piece is headed with the instructions to play it 840 times. Branca and Snow, two living composers, give us contemporary versions of a somewhat similar idea.

12:00 Assassinatin' Rhythm Modern composures are tampered with through electronics. With Ray Farrell.

Friday, October 21st. 9:00 Morning Concert. Composers' Forum. Charles Amirkhanian introduces music and musicians form the heyday of the Composers' Forum (founded in 1946) in San Francisco. Music of Jerome Rosen, Leon Kirchner, Roger Nixon, Roger Sessions, and others will be heard, along with live interviews with those assembled to concertize this week at the Old First Church (October 16,19,21) and re-introduce some of the music premiered here in the Fifties.

p.16-21 Sunday, October 23. 11:00 Music From the Hearts of Space. Inner and outer space music, tuned to tonight's vibrations, with Anna & Timitheo.

2:00 am Over the Edge. An electroprint simulcast in association with "Eat It Up" magazine. A S.A.S.E. to 1649 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94703 will get you a program for this broadcast. The content of our program will be your program and the same program appears in the simulcast of "Eat It Up", available through selected dealers in paper.

Monday, October 24th. 9:00 Ode to Gravity. Winant and Berrigan. Tonight, Charles Amirkhanian presents a two-part program. 9:00 A Visit with Percussionist-Composer William Winant whose spectacular efforts as soloist in obscure and impossible repertoires have enlivened the past couple of seasons here. Willie introduces tapes of past performances--Xenakis, Michael Byron and improvisations with David Rosenboom : Improvisations for Electronics and Percussion. 10:00 A Memorial Tribute to Poet Ted Berrigan. ( who died July 4th, 1983. at the age of 48) From tapes provided by the American Poetry Archive at San Francisco State University , edited by Bill Berkson, we hear a recent reading tribute to Berrigan, along with a recording of the poet himself.

Tuesday, October 25th. 9:00 Morning Concert. A selection of American Music, including William Schuman: American Festival Overture (1939) Bernstein, Los Angeles Philharmonic*DG2532085 (10 min).; Aaron Copeland: Short Symphony 1931-33) Davies, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Pro Arte PAD 149 (16 min); J. William Schuman: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra (1969) Zukofsky, violin, Thomas, Boston Symphony Orchestra, *DG2530103 (31 min); Charles Ives: Symphony No. 3 (1904, rev. 1911) Davies, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, *Pro Arte PAD 149 (22 min); Walter Piston: Symphony No. 2 (1943) Thomas, Boston Symphony Orchestra, *DG 2630103 (26 min). Presented by Steve Wolfe.

12:00 No Other Radio. Hosted by John Gullak. Wednesday October 26th.

9:00 Morning Concert. Ear Magazine West on on the Air. hosted by Ben Azarm. On October 14th, Axiom' axiom, a non-profit venture for the promotion of performances of experimental and innovative music, took the first step towards its goal of providing Bay Area composers with services essential to the presentation of their works. Current works presented by an impressive array of avant-garde composers were (and will be) featured in a series of Friday and Saturday night performances held in San Francisco this past month and in November. On today's program you'll be hearing the music of the following artists who appeared in the month of October: Maggi Payne, Tim Perkis, Barbara Golden, Jay Cloidt, K. Atchley, Mary Oliver, Jean Moncrieff, Chris Brown and John Bischoff. Artists appearing in November (Paul DeMarinis, Brian Reinbolt, William Winant, Nick Bertoni, Charles Amirkhanian, Michael Sumner, Laetitia de Compiegne, Sam Ashley and David Rosenboom) will be the focus of the November program.

Thursday, October 27th. 9:00 Morning Concert. Tapping the Gershwin Style. Pianist Artis Wodehouse of Palo Alto is known for her extensive research in historical recordings. Today she joins Charles Amirkhanian to reveal the little-remembered pianism of composer George Gershwin via his recordings of the Rhapsody in Blue and the Piano Preludes. Gershwin also made over a dozen commercial discs and radio broadcast transcriptions of improvisations on several of his famous songs. We'll hear a retrospective selected from these and hear how contemporary performances of Gershwin's piano music compares to the composer's approach as documented on records. Ms. Wodehouse holds degrees from the Manhattan School of Music, Yale and Stanford, and continues to concertize, teach and pursue research on a variety of classical music topics.

12:00 Assassinatin' Rhythm Electronics and wild improv music, hosted by Ray Farrell.

Friday, October 28th. 9:00 Morning Concert. Today's host Russ Jennings presents the following selections: Daniel Kobialka: Labyrinth Within (1979) San Francisco Symphony Chorus directed by Louis Magor. Geraldine Walther, viola, Barry Jekowsky, percussion; Anthony Cirone, vibraphone. Le Sem Cassette (24 min). Henry Brant: Solar Moth (1979), Daniel Kobialka, violin(s), viola(s), Henry Brant, flute(s), harp, piano; Amy Snyder, voice. 1750 Arch Records S-1795 (24 min). Howard Wershil & Terry Nichols: Jericho, Mike Cebulski, percussion; Gerald Farmer, clarinet, Charles Key, trumpet; Regan MacEod, violin & viola; Howard Wershil, piano. Silver Rose HB3-303 (11 min). p.32-25